Some of Transcenders most notable works include composing the score and main title for the long-running dramatic series “Gossip Girl”, and as songwriters and founding members of the Black Eyed Peas. They are the recipients of numerous ASCAP and BMI Composer Awards for the hit shows “Harry’s Law”, “Gossip Girl”, and NBC’s sitcom “Joey”. For their songwriting collaborations they have received a Grammy nomination and BMI Songwriter Award for the Black Eyed Peas hit “Let’s Get It Started”, and a 2005 BMI Songwriter Award for “Where Is The Love” featuring Justin Timberlake. They have also contributed music to many films including “The Smurfs”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Superbad”, and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.

In their early days, as recordings artists, Brian, Mike and Terence helped to define a groundbreaking sound and vision for the multi-platinum selling recording artists, The Black Eyed Peas. By fusing a live band into hip-hop before it was the accepted norm, the band’s raw sound and high-energy shows marked the arrival of a new alternative hip-hop style. When BEP took a break from touring to record their third album, “Elephunk”  Brian, Terence and Mike got together to collaborate on film and television scoring projects. They quickly realized that their individual strengths and creative visions complemented each other well. Transcenders have been making their mark in the world of composing ever since.
By combining live analog instrumentation with tech-savvy production techniques, their approach to composing is distinctive, fresh and innovative. From their recording studio in Marina Del Rey, California, Transcenders pride themselves on writing and producing music from any genre, while maintaining their own signature sound.

Please Visit IMDB for a full list of credits.


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Tony The Hat…A Rock & Roll Musical

Brian’s incredible musical album is finally complete! Transcenders collective along with dozens of talented musicians and vocalists came together to help realize B’s vision. For more details, go to and get a glimpse of a cool Broadway play in the making!


TRN in studio working on Tony The Hat

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…who would complain about work when your job is to make music! Here’s a picture of TRN in the studio working on “Tony The Hat… A Rock and Roll Musical”!


TRN score The hit documentary, “I Know That Voice”

TRN collaborated with executive producer, John Dimaggio to score his well received documentary, I Know That Voice detailing the inner workings of the voice-over acting world. I Know That Voice has been gaining huge amounts of traction and success where it has consistently been in the top 5 doc’s on iTunes since it’s release. Check out this article on John D!


I Know That Voice Hollywood Premiere Party

TRN at the premiere of the “I Know That Voice” documentary in Los Angeles. TRN’s score is featured throughout!

Capture One 18340

Hammond Organ Co. Endorses TRN’s Brian

Check out this link to the Hammond Organ website where you can find TRN’s Brian listed as one of their endorsees!


CH2 Best Man Holiday

The Best Man Holiday features Channel Two’s Music

Terence’s Channel Two project places their song, “Universal King” in the recent hit film “The Best Man Holiday”. Check out the trailer here!

Check out Chris' cool imagery at

Christopher Greco Photograpy

Transcenders linked up with good friend Chris Greco for a day of photos. Chris’ amazing imagery can be viewed here: Thanks again Chris!

TRN Colbie Caillat

Colbie Calliat works with TRN

Grammy winning singer/songwriter, Colbie Calliat came into to the studio to work with TRN on a remake of Leslie Gore’s, “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” for NBC’s, The Playboy Club. Colbie was great to work with…talent, engaging and knocked out the song like a true professional.


Channel Two Music

Channel Two is Terence’s on going recording project with German producer, Deja Move delivers their second full length LP, Beyond 2012. This set features incredible artists, N’FA (Australia), Ming (NYC), Joy Jones (L.A.) and Todd Simon among others.

Tune in to Channel Two and on iTunes.


Sons of Mariel

TRN’s Mike Fratantuno has been recording and performing with The Sons Of Mariel…George Pajon Jr.’s new band and recording project. Along with Diego Vals, S.O.M. has created one of L.A.’s most rocking up and coming bands to look out for. Give them some love and visit them

TRN w Javier Cologn

The Voice’s Javier Colon Works with TRN

Voice’ winner, Javier Colon came into the studio to work with us on a remake of Ray Charles’ “Let the Good Times Roll” for NBC’s The Playboy Club. Javier played a young Ray Charles on the show, performing our remake, and when you hear this man sing, you know why he deserves all of the accolades he’s received! Check him out

The Shore

The Shore’s Second Sight

Our good friends The Shore released their most recent l.p. with a little help from TRN’s Brian Lapin. Brian played on numerous songs and has been the band’s resident keys player.  Check out The Shore’s Facebook page and download the album on iTunes!

TRN perform on HLaw

Harry’s Law House Band

We were asked to perform one of our songs on camera for a scene in Harry’s Law, the show we scored for NBC.  Little did we know, we would be on set for the entire day into the night. Uh…next time we’ll pass and leave that business to the actors. If you look closely, you’ll see Brian’s mug…and Kathy Bates lurking in the background…

TRN w Angelo Moore

Fishbone’s Angelo Moore works with TRN

Long time ska-funk-poet Angelo Moore from L.A.’s legendary band, Fishbone, stopped by the studio to work with TRN on a piece of score for Our Family Wedding. It was cool to work with an artist you’ve grown up admiring from afar for so many years!


TRN in Variety Magazine

Variety Magazine discussing the sound the TRN collective created for Gossip Girl’s character, Rufus Humphrey. Check it out here.


TRN in 944 Magazine

This was only posted because Brian hates this picture of us, ha!


TRN Co-Write with Multi-Platinum artist Black Eyed Peas

No one could have predicted that BEP’s “Elephunk” would go on to produce multi-platinum success worldwide. TRN’s Mike and Terence both had a hand in two of their biggest hits, co-writing “Where Is The Love” and the ubiquitous “Let’s Get It Started”.




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